Tuesday, December 01, 2020

The sharing of resources (files, printers, Internet access) and the holding of group activities require a connection between the computers in your company.

Will study together the best way to proceed in building a computer network, wired or wireless, based on your needs.

The wide variety of programs, services and protocols that transmit data over the network, first among all viruses, cause degradation of performance that is reflected in long waiting times.

The analysis of network traffic, planning policies for access and protection, identifying the extent of Banda fit for traffic services that are required will ensure readiness to respond to your network infrastructure.

We have extensive technical knowledge and experience in the area of structured copper cabling and fibre optics and wireless installations.

We integrate your communication channels audio-data links inter headquarters building technologies through VPN (virtual private network), ensuring security through encryption techniques more advanced, using the data network telephony (VoIP) to reduce the cost of call.
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